Monday, 12 March 2012


Shortly after I first moved to the UK, my husband and I took a road trip during which we encountered fog in the middle of a day that had been blessed with otherwise pleasant weather. I had no idea that fog could happen in the middle of the day, which shows how naive I was about British weather. Now I know better, but that doesn't mean I don't find days like today weird. We had fog all day, sunrise to sunset, and at no point could I see any more than about an eighth of a mile from my front windows; much of the time my view was limited to about half that. Here is the photographic proof:

Fog over Events Square and adjoining marina. The camera was able to detect features--like the boats' masts--that I couldn't see through the fog.

Here's the less "warm" version of that same view, after a few more minutes of sunset.

The Events Square parking lot and park, to the left of our balcony. This is the longest view I got all day--probably about 200 m.

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