Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Instagram madness: seeing Falmouth through my iPhone lens

I admit that I am a bit of a photography junkie, though it is a hobby that I have only recently taken up again after a long post-high school break. Not only am I having to re-learn which settings to use in which circumstances, but I'm also having to train myself to see good photo opportunities when I encounter them. I recently made some advances in this latter realm after downloading Instagram to my iPhone. 

For anyone not familiar with it, Instagram is an application that allows you to apply all sorts of filters to photos you've just taken with your phone, before then uploading the finalized image into an online database shared with other Instagram users. Many of my friends have had the program for ages and I finally brought myself up to speed this weekend--and oh my goodness am I already addicted. One nice thing is that the filters make practically any photo look good, but even better is the way that I now see Falmouth as one giant photo opportunity. Here are a few images that show my new perspective on the town:

(The marina next to the Maritime Museum and Discovery Quay)

(Looking toward the lighthouse while walking next to Pendennis Castle)

(Forget-me-nots by the roadside)

 (Looking out into the bay towards Swanpool)



(Unexpected garden)

(Waves behind a patch of thrift)




(Fragrant blossoms)


(Silverwinds, Penryn, UK)

(Bakehouse Court, Penryn, UK)

(Harbor at sunset)

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