Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Foodie Penpals: October Reveal

This Halloween marks the first major holiday that has occurred during my time participating in the Foodie Penpals program. My penpal, Alice, sent a themed package to make sure that this special day would be a very foodie one.

Alice included a handwritten note (on a notecard with a truly bizarre still from a Fellini movie) explaining the contents of the parcel.

First, there were some mini jelly beans, which didn't last long enough to appear in any of my photos (oops). 

There were also some other sweet indulgences: a chocolate jack-o'-lantern and a star-shaped cupcake holder (plus two adorable mini candles!) for "a little cake for one."

Alice made sure to include some savory items as well. For starters, she mailed some locally grown mini vegetables--a pumpkin and a little bulb of garlic (the latter of which she jokingly said was "to ward off the vampires"). The pumpkin was a funny coincidence because I was just looking at some mini squash in the grocery store the other day, contemplating buy a few in order to decorate my apartment. My dad always used to buy me a couple little gourds every fall and leave them on my piano, so Alice's pumpkin took me on a nice trip down memory lane.

The parcel also contained a velvet-covered gift box with two bags of flavored salt--one smoked, the other with thyme. Those will definitely come in handy; I'm thinking they will be especially useful when I make soups and stew-y type things in the slow cooker.

So, just to summarize, I started off with this (and a few, quickly-eaten jelly beans):

and ended up with this:

One thing I find amazing about the FP program is how very different one package is from another--partly because of the change from one season to another, partly because of regional differences among senders, and partly because of personality differences of the senders themselves. Every box is a new adventure! Thanks very much to Alice for this month's culinary (and cultural) journey. Let's hope cooking is the only thing I need to use that garlic for!

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